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Cliff Le Clercq M.B.S.C.H.

Cliff is a major figure in the field of recovery and psychotherapy. A highly skilled professional therapist with over 25 years of experience in the treatment of addiction, depression, anxiety, and neurotic disorders.

A gifted therapist, Cliff has a depth of human understanding and genuine compassion for the clients he sees. His positive non-judgemental approach gives many who struggle with life, the confidence required to identify the issues and confront the behaviours that cause their difficulties. His skill, combined with a “down to earth” approach has helped hundreds confront their addiction take the steps they need to recover, and provide the motivation to take charge of their lives.

For many life is an endurance far from the joyful experience they hope for. Despite their efforts, and continual search for happiness they feel disillusioned often depressed, and trapped. Most often this state of unhappiness is due to a loss of self-trust or low self-esteem.

We can help

Cliff Le Clercq is an inspiring and deeply respected therapist. His gentle discreet approach to his patients combined with a strong belief in their potential and ability to change has produced wonderful results and enabled many to live fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Do you lose control?

Do you feel in conflict with yourself or others, emotionally misunderstood and exhausted with the stress of it all, have trouble feeling connected, shy or afraid, indecisive, lacking real confidence? All these negative responses to life can be reversed and new skills and strategies for dealing with your life successfully installed.

Most people respond to emotional distress by reaching for tranquillisers, alcohol, anger, or simply worrying themselves to a standstill when there is no need to, help is available, skill, understanding, compassion, tact, and confidence is assured.

"Ultimately the only absolute control we have in our lives is over how we choose to react to what happens to us"


"Cliff Le Clercq is a master healer, he demonstrates a high degree of integrity in his work, as a clinical trainer I have witnessed Cliff's remarkable effectiveness skill, empathy, and humanness in helping people toward health, authenticity, and fulfillment. I have complete trust in Cliff's ongoing commitment to excellence" 

Kip Flock 

Clinical director, John Bradshaw Centre

"If you want it said "Like it is" go and see Cliff, his capacity for cutting straight to the point and creating real safety for his clients is truly remarkable"
Tim Laurence author of: "You can change your life" Director: Hoffman institute U.K.

Tim Laurence                         

Author of: "You can change your life" Director: Hoffman institute U.K.

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